I began training with Abi to improve my overall fitness level and stamina. Abi's sessions were always full of challenging, yet enjoyable exercises. Each session was different, so I never got tired of the same routine. Abi also gave me useful advice on where I could make daily improvements on my diet. Not only is Abi a highly professional and motivational trainer, she is also a wonderful, friendly and approachable person. Her sessions were always a lot of fun and I would always leave with a sense of accomplishment. I wouldn't hesitate to employ Abi again upon my return to the UK and highly recommend her.

Reshma Biring, Freelance Media Professional


I needed to get fitter and stronger for a snowboarding holiday and Abi was able to develop a plan that while focussed on the legs, was still varied enough to keep it interesting. She pushes you hard which is great and it actually gave me more motivation to hit the gym between personal training sessions. The sessions with Abi really worked and I had a cracking time in the snow with a lot of that down to my training. I thoroughly recommend Abi if you’re looking to push yourself and get more from your workout and very importantly enjoy yourself while you’re sweating!
Christian Roelofs, Director 


I started personal training to get myself beach ready for a summer holiday - I was so happy with the results with Abi I had to keep going back! Abi’s sessions are never boring, she’s always introducing new exercises/routines to ensure I’m constantly challenged and she knows how to encourage me to push myself. She’s also shown me how to incorporate weights, which is something I’d never had the confidence to do. Abi even goes beyond our regular sessions, creating tailored workouts which I could use on my own at the gym or at home and also advises me on nutrition. All of this has meant that I’m never bored, always feel challenged and actually enjoy going to the gym.
Elizabeth Adelanwa, PR Manager 


I first sought Abi's help because I have always wanted to improve my fitness, tone up and get stronger but have never managed to exercise consistently enough to achieve these goals. The fact that I was getting married finally gave me the motivation I needed to take some action. Abi's sessions are challenging but fun and each one is different so I never get bored of training with her.  Not only did she help me feel confident in my dress on my big day, but she has also helped me to feel fitter, stronger and increase my energy levels which is why I have continued my training long after my wedding day. I highly recommend her services!
Abi McIvor, Teacher

I went to Abi this summer as I wanted to shape up and improve my overall fitness in the run up to my beach holiday this year. I had a relatively short time scale to work with but Abi put together a fantastic program for me - tailored to my personal goals and in no time I was noticing results. She taught me how to work effectively and get the most out of exercise as I've never been a keen gym-goer. I found my fitness, as well as my posture, strength, muscle tone and overall confidence improved really quickly. Abi is a brilliant motivator and gives fantastic guidance in all aspects of fitness and nutrition; I would happily recommend her to anyone!
Claire Wilson, Travel Consultant

When I got engaged I decided to hire Abi - since then I’ve taken a liking to weight training and I now love sprints! Abi’s session are always hard work, fun and most importantly never the same. My body completely changed shape - I lost 3.5cm on the hips, 6.5cm around my waist and 9cm around the naval just by following Abi’s nutrition advice and exercise regime. I’d bought a wedding dress that was slightly too small for me and in the end I had to take it in by 2 inches as my body had changed so much.  I loved the way I felt at my wedding, big BIG BIG thank you Abi! I have just booked more sessions to make sure I keep feeling as amazing as I did on my wedding day.
Tiffany Kirkup, Management consultant

I first decided to use Abi to help me prepare for a sprint triathlon, maximise my time spent in the gym and build up my glute strength to avoid runner's knee.  Abi has tailored each session to my specific needs yet no two sessions have been the same, making them both challenging and fun. She is a fantastic motivator and has increased my endurance levels no end, pushing me to do things that I would never have thought possible. She has completely changed my perception of training with weights to build strength and stamina as well as improve my muscle definition. I am the strongest I have ever been, have completed a sprint triathlon, have had no running injuries and am regaining my pre-children figure - all thanks to Abi. I really cannot recommend her highly enough.
Sarah Fitzsimmons, Mum of 2

I'd had a personal trainer before but had certainly never been pushed as hard as Abi pushed me! I couldn't walk for about a week after our first session! She made every session different and kept incorporating new exercises which kept it interesting for me as I have never exactly been an enthusiastic gym goer! I was surprised at how quickly she improved my fitness and confidence!

Olivia Baker, Club Manager

I had rarely been to the gym before I started training with Abi and over a year later I am still going! I needed to work on my core due to my bad back and now I really notice the difference if I miss a couple of sessions with Abi.  She is a great motivator, hitting the perfect amount to stretch my limits, without being pushy and going too far.  Without wanting to sound cheesy, Abi puts the ‘personal’ into personal trainer – she mixes up the sessions each week, whilst ensuring that I am working on the right areas of my body. I would definitely recommend.

Ginny Follen, Channel Marketing Manager

We both trained with Abi over ten weeks, in preparation for Christian's 30th birthday party. Abi has always managed to push us both to our limits while we have fun doing exercises together. Our sessions were totally tailored to our needs and our friends have all commented on the dramatic change in our bodies in such a short time, we cannot wait to see ourselves in another ten weeks! We would highly recommend Abi whether or not you have a tight deadline or just want to get fitter.

Christian Bergara & Caroline Usher

I have been training with Abi for over a year now and in this time she has totally changed my mentality towards gym workouts. Whereas before I could only be motivated by spinning, I now do not fear the treadmill, I feel confident with weights and I even venture onto the TRX. Abi has also helped me to reach two key goals - significantly improving my fitness and also easing into my little denim shorts in time for festival season! A great motivator and support for whatever your goals - Abi really does take the pain out of exercise!

Helen Gough, Senior PR Manager

I was starting to lose motivation as by myself I wasn't achieving the results I wanted. Working with Abi has changed all that - tailoring the sessions to meet my goals and always mixing things up so I never get bored.   Abi has also given me useful nutritional advice and instructs what exercises to do outside of our sessions. The results have been amazing! I feel so much better - I’m fitter and I’ve lost over a stone in the time working with Abi – getting into a bikini on my last holiday was without the usual feeling of dread!  I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for some motivation and a fun and friendly person to work with!
Kat Hannon, Hedge Fund Operations

I have really enjoyed my weekly sessions, I was always surprised at how much my body could actually achieve and definitely noticed the changes to my strength and endurance fairly quickly.  Abi mixes up the sessions so you never know what to expect - which is great! It's been such an eye-opener, I never thought I'd enjoy lifting weights, but I have learnt so much and improved my fitness along the way.  Now I smile at a kettle bell! Thanks so much Abi!

Katie Oliver, Stop Smoking Facilitator

I haven’t looked back since I started training with Abi at Pure Gym! Abi is a great and knowledgeable trainer and motivates me to get into the gym both for sessions with her and training by myself using the personalised programme she created for me. Abi pushes me much further than I could ever go before and I’ve seen changes in my body for the better, thanks to her support. She goes above and beyond to help me reach my goals and we have a laugh in my training sessions, which makes going to the gym a rewarding and pleasurable experience all round.
David Cummins, PR Professional

Abi's training sessions are creative, always different, tough and thoroughly enjoyable and at the end of it you feel euphoric!  I still can’t believe how Abi has transformed, not only my body shape, but my attitude towards exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Abi has tailored the sessions to meet my goals and I’ve found that keeping a food diary really helps me watch what I eat. In the space of three months,  I’ve lost just under a stone and I’ve stopped smoking, so a big thank you to Abi for making it seem so easy.   I’ve recommended her to everyone I know and will continue to do so!  

Pally Kaur, PR Consultant

We both wanted to improve our fitness and physiques post Christmas in order to look good for our wedding in April.   Abi definitely knows how to get the best out of people and push them that extra inch. Abi works us hard and we've both (somewhat sadistically) come to enjoy it and we really look forward to the sessions as we never know what will get thrown at us.  In the three months we've been training, we've lost weight, changed shape and are fitter and healthier as a result. We thoroughly recommend training with Abi - her expertise, work ethic and all round enthusiasm will play a huge part in anyone’s journey to becoming fitter.  It’s hard work but she makes it fun and the results are their own reward. 
Stuart Brannan, IT Support & Victoria Allies, Website Editor

Before starting my training with Abi I wasn’t getting the results I wanted to tone up. Abi has shown me the right techniques so I'm actually working the right muscles now and I can see some of the results already; after only a few weeks friends have complimented me on my toned arms!! My running has noticeably improved and I feel genuinely a lot fitter! The sessions with Abi are really varied and completely personalised to me and my goals. Abi has a great sense of humour and is always smiling! She is extremely motivational, always trying to get the best out of me by pushing me further than I’d work alone.

Michelle Broadbent, Civil Servant

I've tried to train on my own for many years and have never achieved my goals. I can really recommend training with Abi after only three weeks my fitness had shot up and my body shape had noticeably improved. While Abi pushes me further than I thought I was capable of, she also listens to what I felt worked, motivating me and really tailoring the sessions to help me get the most out of them. She definitely puts the 'Personal' in Personal Training and if you want to make a difference to your fitness, body shape and well-being then sign up straight away!

Jez Phillips, Property Developer

I have had the pleasure of working with Abi as a personal trainer and I find her highly professional and highly motivational. Each training session has been highly varied, yet always focused around my goals and aims, showing Abi really listens to her clients and develops a personalised plan for them. Abi is always flexible and fits my works outs in early morning and late in the evening.  I look forward to continuing working out with Abi and I can highly recommend her.
Katie Gross, Group Account Director

​I really enjoy my personal training sessions with Abi and since starting these six months ago my fitness has significantly improved; I feel far more toned and I have grown in confidence as I feel happier with my figure. Abi puts a lot of thought and attention into each session and personalises the training; she always pushes me to my limits, meaning that I switch off from daily stresses and have a sense of achievement after each personal training session.

​Claire Carter, Relationship Director


After a few years of traveling and lack-luster workouts, I realised I had let my body deteriorate.  I was struggling to reach my potential and was getting frustrated with the lack of results I was seeing.  Abi changed that.  Abi motivated me to push through my limits of endurance in pursuit of my goals.  She wouldn’t let me off with feeble excuses, constantly driving me forward. Abi tailored my workout sessions to take advantage of my willingness to be pushed, while consistently providing a wide range of workouts to help me achieve my goals.  Thanks to Abi, I am once again confident in my fitness levels!

Tomos Cross, Assistant Bar Manager

Abi has been my trainer for the past couple of months and I’m already starting to see and feel the results.  Abi listened to my goals and designed a training plan incorporating all sorts of activities from boxing to interval training – you never get bored.  I work overseas on a regular basis and she even emailed me a list of exercises I could do in my hotel room! I would highly recommend Abi as a Personal Trainer.

Samantha Davies, Civil Servant

Abi is a highly motivated and results driven trainer. My initial consultation was extremely thorough, ensuring she got a clear understanding of my goals and my current fitness level. Since our sessions, I feel stronger and more focused - the work outs she gives me to do between sessions are far more efficient than I was doing before, ensuring I get the most from the effort I put in. Fun, targeted and motivational - I would highly recommend.
Jessica Hardy, Marketing Manager

I felt that I was not pushing myself hard enough or focusing on my goals during the limited time I have for exercise. I have thoroughly enjoyed my personal training sessions with Abi and have felt an immediate difference from my old gym workout – I  now know how to get the right muscles working to achieve a toned figure. I would highly recommend Abi as her professionalism, knowledge and fun attitude helps you work hard and achieve your goals whilst never getting bored!

Bilge Mert, Global Solution Architect

I caused long term damage to my knee training for the London Marathon. After a period of incapacity I wanted to get back into shape and a semblance of fitness whilst also strengthening my muscles around my knees. Working out with Abi meant that I was able to do just that and more. Her PT sessions were designed to gradually make me aware of how to work out whilst being mindful of my knee but also showed me just how much further I could push myself in terms of my fitness and stamina. Amazingly, every session still involves the fun factor and I've never looked back.
Namuli Katumba, Head of Account Management and Service