🔥 DAY 6 of The Daily 19! 🔥

🔥 DAY 6 of The Daily 19! 🔥


Day 6 is a HIIT workout! It'll increase your heart rate - helping to improve your fitness and burning fat whilst releasing feel good endorphins! Plus it will get you away from your desk / off the couch!

🎦 NOTE- My new tripod which I was really excited let me down! I spent ages setting it all up so that you can see what exercises I'm doing but unfortunately during filming it slowly slid so that you can't see my feet! Instead of filming it all again 😓 I've done an extra video demonstrating the diagonal mountain climbers in case you can't get the gist of what I'm doing - see separate insta post. Any probs just let me know!

Workout: 20 sec work / 10 sec rest x8 (4 mins). 3 pairs of exercises.

🔥 Plank jacks

🔥 Alternating reverse lunges / jump lunges

🔥 Diagonal mountain climbers

🔥 Sprint / jog / march on the spot

🔥 Squat 180s / squat pulse

🔥 Walk outs with leg lifts

Tomorrow’s workout is a core workout.

🤔 If you're looking at this workout worrying if it's too late to start... then do not fear! Just get started with day 1 and do them consecutively every day until all 19 are done! There's enough days to get them all done still before lockdown ends! 💥

Let me know how you are finding the workouts! 💪

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