🔥 DAY 4 of The Daily 19! 🔥

🔥 DAY 4 of The Daily 19! 🔥


Day 4 is a glute workout. No equipment needed but if you have weights and want to use them you can use either dumbbells or kettlebells or anything heavy! You'll need a couch or something similar to do the hip thrusts. If you don't have anything to hand to do the hip thrusts do glute bridges instead (shown in the warm up). Let me know if you need help on what to use.

🤔 If you haven’t done the previous workouts not to worry just get started with day 1 and do them consecutively every day until all 19 are done!

Workout: 3 rounds of the following (if you want to do more repeat the workout 🍑)

🔥 Reverse lunges

🔥 Reverse lunge (other leg)

🔥 Hip thrusts

🔥 Sumo squats

🔥 Frog pumps

Tomorrow’s workout is a full body workout - no weights needed but you can use them if you have them - I'll explain how.

Let me know how you are finding the workouts! 💪

NB if you're wondering what's on my arm at the moment it's a sensor to monitor blood glucose levels - I'm doing some work with @humanperformancehub to see how my body responds to different foods.

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