🔥 DAY 3 of The Daily 19! 🔥

🔥 DAY 3 of The Daily 19! 🔥


Day 3 is a core workout. No equipment needed but you can always grab something heavy for the Russian twists eg dumbbell, kettlebell, a book if you don’t have any weights.

If you haven’t done days 1 and 2 no worries just get started with day 1 and do them consecutively every day until all 19 are done!

Workout: 2 rounds of the following (if you want to do more play it again and do 4 rounds!)

🔥Beast hold

🔥Leg kick outs

🔥Side plank

🔥Side plank

🔥Leg lowering

🔥Russian twists

🔥Prone pull downs

Tomorrow’s workout is glute focused. Everyone needs stronger glutes! Not just to look good but strong glutes are important for a range of movements including getting up from a chair and picking things up. Stronger glutes can also help prevent lower back, knee and hip pain and help you run faster, jump higher and lift heavier. So let’s get them working!

Let me know how you are finding the workouts! 💪

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