Daily19 Mash Up

πŸ“’ Sound on! πŸ“’

A little video to celebrate the end of The Daily 19 and to say that if you haven’t started it’s not too late! Just get started with day 1 and go from there! Only 19 mins per day - just enough to get you moving and creating good habits in your day!


Hoping these workouts have helped people during lockdown and will help people in the future to build exercise into their day. The workouts have been designed to suit most people but if you want more of a personalised approach just get in touch and I’ll talk you through my personal training. There’s also the option of my Girls Who Lift classes - small group weight training for women. Both 1-2-1 and GWL available online and in person.


Thanks to @hypeentertainmentnz for making the video and @hardcastle19 for allowing me to use his music 😁


Let me known how you’ve found the workouts! πŸ‘Š

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