Summer Workout (can be done anywhere)

August is holiday season and a lot of people are either heading to sunnier climates or are spending time at home staycation stylee. Either way a lot of people are without a gym this time of year or can't do their usual workout routine.

Here's a workout I've called...

"At home & not enough room to swing a cat without it hitting one of the kids workout" Workout: Full body circuit Space needed: Minimal. Cats and kids optional. What’s it good for anyway? Full body toning, fat loss & fitness 45 seconds work / 15 seconds rest

  1. Sprint on the spot

  2. Walk outs

  3. Split squats - left leg forward

  4. Split squats - right leg forward

  5. Mountain climbers

  6. Side plank - one side

  7. Side plank - the other side

  8. Squat jumps

  9. Press ups (either full version or drop to your knees as shown)

  10. Plank (either full version or drop to your knees as shown)

Rest 2 mins and complete circuit 3 times Make it easier: do circuit 1 or 2 times, reduce work interval to 30 seconds and increase rest interval to 30 seconds, do squats instead of squat jumpts Make it harder: increase work interval to 60 seconds and remove the rest, do 4 or 5 circuits, reduce the end of circuit rest to 1 min. EndFragment

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