Park Workout with Eliza - No Equipment Needed!

As a proud Aunt Abs I've taken it upon myself to introduce my little niece to the world of exercise! She loves joining in and has been teaching her friends at nursery the moves!! You go girl! You may hear in the video my sister saying "don't lick the floor" I think she was talking to Eliza...! (Bird poo!). Here's how you can put this into a workout... as you'll see Eliza wasn't really feeling the mountain climbers. I can't blame her...! Workout - this workout will get your heart rate going (to burn fat and improve fitness) whilst getting all your muscles working (to tone up). Easiest version: 30 sec of each exercise / rest 30 sec. 2 mins rest between sets. X3 A little harder version: 45 sec of each exercise / rest 15 sec between each exercise. 1 min rest between sets. X4 Super keen version: 1 min of each exercise. No rest in between. 30 sec rest between sets. X5 > Sprint on the spot > Jumping jacks > Press ups (on knees or full) > Squats > Mountain climbers


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