Cardio Workout - All you need is... You!

This workout needs no equipment and will definitely get your heart rate going! It will burn fat, improve your fitness and tone your muscles at the same time!


There's a few options to how you do the workout depending on your fitness.

Option 1 - for those wanting to get a good sweat on:

Descending ladder:

20 burpees, 20 squat jumps, 20 get up get downs, 20 reverse lunges (each side), 20 in-outs.

Then repeat with 18 reps of each, 16 reps, 14 reps down to 2 reps. Take minimal rest.

Option 2 - choose if option 1 seems a bit too much for you!

10 reps of everything, rest 2 mins, repeat 3 times

Option 3 - if you have only 10 mins...

Descending ladder as above but stop after 10 mins!

EndFragmentThis is workout 6 in the series - please see posts below for more workouts with minimal equipment and space.

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