Full Body Workout - All you need is... a Barbell!

This full body barbell workout will help build strength whilst helping to tone and shape your body.

Workout as follows:

> 10 x BB squats > 10 x BB shoulder press > 10 x BB romanian deadlift > 10 x BB split squats (each side) > 10 x BB bent over row > 15 x BB glute bridges

(BB = barbell)

You will need to adjust the weight of your barbell for each exercise so that you can only just complete the reps prescribed. This will ensure that for each exercise your muscles are working hard enough so that you get results!

Rest and repeat 3 - 5 rounds depending on fitness / time available / motivation(!)

**This video is the 3rd of a series designed for when equipment and/or space is limited. My first workout which uses just a kettlebell - and second which uses just a bench - is posted earlier on this blog.**

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