Full Body Workout - All you need is... a Bench!

This is a full body workout great for toning and building strength. If you want to make it into more of a fat burning workout alternate each exercise with the bunny hops to keep your heart rate elevated.



Workout as follows:


> Bunny hops x 20 - 50 (depending on your fitness)
> Press ups x 15 - I've put 2 variations here, feet elevated is the harder version, hands on the bench is a lot easier!
> Bulgarian split squats X 15 each side
> Dips x 20 - straighten your legs to make these harder
> Step ups - 20 each side
> Glute bridges with both feet elevated x 20
> Back extensions x 20
> Reverse curls x 20


If you have dumb bells available you can use these too to increase the intensity for the split squats and step ups.

Rest and repeat 3 - 5 rounds depending on fitness / time available / motivation



**This video is the 2nd of a series designed for when equipment and/or space is limited. My first workout which uses just a kettlebell is posted earlier on this blog.**

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