Full Body Workout - All you need is... a Kettlebell!

Busy gym, limited equipment or no space? It can be very frustrating, especially if you've dragged yourself there! So I've put together a series of videos to show you how you can still have a good workout with minimal equipment and space.

First up is the Kettlebell Workout...

This is a full body workout great for toning and building strength. If you want to make it into more of a fat burning workout alternate each exercise with the kettlebell swings. That will keep your heart rate high!

> Kettlebell swings X 20 >Goblet squats X 12 > Press ups with raised arm X 12 each side (go onto your knees if needed) > Deadlifts X 20 > Single arm row X 12 each side > Suitcase lunges X 12 each side (hold KB in opposite arm to the leg that is lunging forward)

Rest and repeat 3 - 5 rounds depending on fitness / time available / motivation(!)

The weight of your kettlebell will be dependent on your strength and your training experience. Start light and test it out, if it's too easy go heavier!


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