2016 rep January Workout Challenge!

January 1, 2016



Your mission: complete 2016 repetitions (reps) in January!


Watch video of exercise descriptions here

The workout is spread over 20 days, therefore you have 20 workouts to complete in January. This means you get rest days too! You could for example do the workouts 5 days per week and have 2 days off.

Every 5 workouts the difficulty increases.

**Workouts 1 to 5** (first 5 workouts)
Press ups x10
Squats x25
Get up get downs x10

(45 reps per workout, total after 5 workouts = 225 reps/2016 complete)

**Workouts 6 to 10**
Press ups x15
Squats x50
Get up get downs x16

(81 reps per workout, total after 10 workouts = 630 reps/2016 complete)

**Workouts 11 to 15**
Press ups x20
Squats x75
Get up get downs x20

(115 reps per workout, total after 15 workouts = 1205 reps/2016 complete)

**Workouts 16 to 19**
Press ups x25
Squats x111
Get up get downs x26

(162 reps per workout, total after 19 workouts = 1853 reps/2016 complete)

**Final Workout 20 - last day!**
Press ups x25
Squats x111
Get up get downs x26
**1 burpee**

And you're done! Well done! Any questions just let me know.

(163 reps per workout, total after 20 workouts = 2016 reps/2016 complete!)

Plan in advance which 20 days you are going to do your workouts on if possible to help you to get into a routine. You could also try it with Dryathlon and some cardio for added fat loss.

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