Stop drinking calories to lose fat​

One simple change that you can make to help you lose fat - stop drinking your calories! Alcohol is an obvious one and cutting or reducing your intake can not only help you to save on the direct calories but will also help to prevent gorging on unhealthy food whilst hungover. Many people view fruit juices as a good way to get their vitamins in. However it is more beneficial to eat the fruit whole – this way you will benefit from the fibre in the fruit, avoid the added sugar, feel more full and will be likely to consume less fructose which is converted into fat in the body.

Also don’t view diet soft drinks as an healthy option. Despite being low in calories, they have been linked to increasing people’s appetite, slowing their metabolism and severe health problems including cancer. Water may not sound all that appealing but it is the best option when re-hydrating. If you want to add some flavour add a slice of fresh lemon or lime.

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