'Abi Explores' - Muay Thai Boxing, Phuket, Thailand

December (2012) I decided to take a different type of holiday and try out Muay Thai in Thailand. To be honest, this was unusual for me as in the past apart from skiing most of my holidays have been primarily relaxing in the sun working hard... on my tan!

I found there to be something quite rewarding about exercising whilst on holiday, I definitely felt I'd earned a glass of wine in the evening! You could pick and chose which sessions you attended - Muay Thai was held twice daily in the morning and evening. I also supplemented these with other classes such as yoga and CrossFit plus I booked a few one on one sessions - as I was eager to learn fast and I enjoy hitting things!

The chief man in charge often threatened the 'cane' if we did not train hard... I thought this was an empty threat until I witnessed a grown man yelping when the cane struck his behind...! Good job I trained hard!​ See photos here

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