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I love training my clients in person in the studio, but with the current Coronavirus lockdown this isn’t possible. I’ve found through moving to online training sessions with my clients that they can have many benefits - see below. Group and partner training is also available - including sports teams, family members, friends and team mates.  My Girls Who Lift class has moved to online too. Read more here.

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1. Creates accountability - booking in just one session every week ensures you do at least one solid good hour of training that week. Having to report back on the training sessions done in between sessions can help with adherence to a training plan.


2. Provides motivation - for many having to work and train at home can feel unmotivating. Booking an online training session means you’ll have the motivation from your trainer and there’s no backing out if you’re feeling lazy!

3. Provides workouts tailored to you - the sessions are personalised for what you need to work on to get your body working optimally and designed to help you to reach your goals.


4. Convenience - workouts are planned around whatever equipment and space you currently have.


5. Happiness - you get to see my smiling face on a regular basis. Need I say more?!

6. Provides consistency - workouts need to be done consistently to have the optimal effect. Booking in a regular time slot each week can help keep you on track.


7. Routine - routines and schedules can be out the window in this current climate but booking a session in every week can give you something to look forward to and can help to contribute to building a structure to your week.


8. Provides feedback - you get real time feedback on how you are performing the exercises and advice on how to adapt the exercises to make them more effective.


9. Joy - once you’ve finished the session you’ll feel revitalised and hopefully enthused! Bring on those endorphins!


10. Healthy reminders - people often need these and I’ll offer them such as... take breaks from working, get up off your chair and move, make time for switching off, have a regular sleep pattern, drink more water, get your greens in etc...!

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Examples of online training with various clients


Group fitness session via zoom for a netball team every week during lockdown

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Girls Who Lift is now run online. For weekly schedule click here.