abi explores...

... the world of juicing at Milly's January Juicing Workshop, South London - Jan '13

To kick off my introduction into the world of juicing I attended my personal trainer friend Milly's juicing workshop. There were about ten people there all keen to start the new year with good intentions!

The selection of fruit and vegetables there made me feel very virtuous and I was keen to learn how I could incorporate juicing into my life.

​Milly led the juicing workshop and I couldn’t help but be inspired by her enthusiasm. Milly delivered the 2-hour workshop with energy and passion – you wouldn’t believe she’d suffered from ill health recently.

Milly explains, "I got into juicing as part of a way to try and achieve optimal health when I was going through a rough patch. I had a work-related breakdown a couple of years ago and was put on lots of medication to help improve my mental health. Not being a big fan of pill-popping, I wanted to find a way to come off the medication and get back to my old self naturally and that's when I stumbled upon juicing. Not only has it helped me to control my moods and energy levels, but I have also dropped 2 dress sizes in the process as well."

​After talking through the benefits of this ‘liquid sunshine' we split into groups to make various juices which we later all tasted. The juicer pictured below is the one I ended up buying - although it's not the best for juicing leafy vegetables I think it's amazing! You can put whole vegetables in there without having to chop them up - great for the lazy chef. Plus it's easy to clean. I got mine from Argos. Masticating juicers are better for leafy veg but are more expensive and you have to chop up your fruit and vegetables before you put them in.

​Since the workshop I've been making juices everyday. My favorite combinations have been beetroot, cucumber, lemon, ginger and pineapple (image below on the left) and carrot, ginger and mint (below right).

There are many benefits to getting into juicing however the ones I have found are: they have helped me to stay full in between meals; I consume vegetables I wouldn't normally eat e.g. carrots and beetroot, hence getting a wider range of vitamins and minerals into my body and finally I enjoy the taste!

I also love having a shot of juiced ginger first thing in the morning - it's fiery but wakes you up! If you want to get inspired watch 'Fat, Sick and nearly Dead'!.

Milly's next 'Introduction to Juicing' workshop is 3rd February 2013, 12-3pm in Wimbledon. For more information contact Milly at Milly_hill@yahoo.com.


Images below - left: our juicing group - I'm in the pink jumper next to Milly holding the jug of health, and right: our juicing concoctions which we all tasted and tried to guess what was in them.