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Become strong, empowered and confident whilst getting fit, burning fat and sculpting your body at Girls Who Lift.



Girls Who Lift are weight training sessions designed to help you to build confidence lifting weights whilst giving you a good workout.


There is both a beginners 2 hour workshop (next one tbc) and also regular sessions both online and in the studio - no experience necessary.


These small-group sessions will teach you the correct technique and show you how to use weights effectively.


The sessions are run at Local Motion, 52 Garratt Lane, Wandsworth, SW18 4FT


Beginners Workshop - Next one tbc

Contact me to book.

Further details here.


Studio GWL classes at Local Motion (max 5 people)

12.30pm Tuesday

12.30pm Thursday 

Online GWL via Zoom

12.30pm Wednesday

12.30pm Friday 

See below for further details.

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If you've never lifted weights before do not fear! You are in the right place! The beginners Girls Who Lift 2 hour workshop will teach you how to perform big compound movements (these burn more calories) such as squats, deadlifts, shoulder press, rows, lunges and chest press. Once you've mastered the lifts and worked on your strength we will be putting the exercises into practice. Think fitness, fat loss, toning and fun!

The beginners workshop is suitable for ladies who haven't had any experience with lifting weights before or would like to work on their technique. The workshop is run at Local Motion above Planet Organic on Garratt Lane, Wandsworth. You don't need to be a member to train with me. Places are limited and must be booked and paid for in advance please.

Intermediate Sessions

The intermediate Girls Who Lift sessions are designed for those who have had some experience in lifting weights previously, have been on the beginners workshop or have done some 1-2-1 training with me. The group sessions are still small (max 8) so I can check on your technique and make sure you are working to your full capability! The workouts are different each week and are designed to grow your confidence further and ensure you are working out safely, correctly and hard enough!

Pricing for sessions:

1 session: £17

Block of 5 sessions: £75 (£15 /session)

Block of 10 sessions: £125 (£12.50 /session)

Contact me to book or for more information. 


Beginners 2hr Workshop

Saturday 11th January 2020

Contact me for further info

Intermediate -

Wednesday 6.10am

Wednesday 12.30pm

Friday 12.30pm


All sessions last for 1 hour. There are changing facilities and showers.


Limited places and booking essential.


No membership required. If there are other times/days which are preferable please get in touch and I will take this into consideration. Sessions are subject to a minimum no. of attendees signing up.