March 10, 2015

In today's world we want things on demand, we want things immediately, we don't want to have to wait for what we want. This often applies to fat loss. We want the fat gone and we want it gone quickly. Many people therefore resort to strict diets in the hope of achievin...

March 3, 2015


Seven Things Women Should be Doing in their Workout - an article by the Poliqun Group


If after reading the article you'd like to take action you can try:

> Girls Who Lift - small group weight training sessions to help build strength and tone up

> HIIT - high intensity i...

January 13, 2015

High intensity interval training (HIIT) is here to stay. It’s an effective workout for fat loss, fitness and toning up. It works by alternating intense work periods with rest or recovery. I run a HIIT class on Saturday afternoons - see details here.


Here's why it's so...

December 24, 2014

Here is my 20 minute workout which you can do at home with no equipment so no excuses whilst you're away from the gym this christmas - see video for exercise demonstration. This workout was inspired by the song 12-days of Christmas and works as follows:

There are 12 r...

September 4, 2014

Saturday afternoons I run a metabolic conditiioning session at Bounce in Wimbledon Park to help my clients get fitter and lose fat. The hour-long session uses high intensity interval training (HIIT) to get your heart rate going and help improve your body composition.


June 2, 2014

If you decide to make one change to your diet, start by trying a high-protein breakfast. Eating such a breakfast can help you to lose weight by helping you to feel fuller, decreasing your mid-morning hunger pangs and is likely to reduce your calorie intake throughout t...

June 2, 2014

Not getting adequate sleep may be making you fat. Sleep loss affects both how many calories we consume and burn off the next day. After sleep deprivation we are more likely to overeat as the hunger hormone ghrelin is released making us crave food - often sugary food wh...

June 2, 2014

This article lists the top ten foods to include in your diet if you want to lose fat while increasing muscle or toning up. These food are to be consumed whilst training for maximum benefit. Read full article

June 2, 2014

I find many people are too preoccupied with their body weight and use it as the sole measure of their success in losing body fat. As the picture illustrates 5 pounds of fat looks a lot different to 5 pounds of muscle. If you are working out correctly you will be buildi...

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