This full body barbell workout will help build strength whilst helping to tone and shape your body.

Workout as follows:

> 10 x BB squats
> 10 x BB shoulder press
> 10 x BB romanian deadlift
> 10 x BB split squats (each side)
> 10 x BB bent over row
> 15 x BB glute bridge...

This is a full body workout great for toning and building strength. If you want to make it into more of a fat burning workout alternate each exercise with the bunny hops to keep your heart rate elevated.

Workout as follows:

> Bunny hops x 20 - 50 (depending on your fitne...

April 14, 2016

NEW case study video! I was approached by Premier Training - who I did my PT qualification with - to feature in a 2 minute video telling the story of my move from marketing to personal training, to hopefully inspire others. View the video here!

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In honour of International Women’s Day I wanted to bring inspiration to women worldwide by highlighting the amazing feats and successes of those who h...

Amazing Women to Inspire You on International Women's Day!

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