Need a full body home workout to do over the festive period to burn off those extra calories and tone up? Look no further...! No gym or equipment necessary!

Watch the video for exercise demonstrations.

Here's the workout. 12 exercises of Christmas!

With each round an extr...

August is holiday season and a lot of people are either heading to sunnier climates or are spending time at home staycation stylee. Either way a lot of people are without a gym this time of year or can't do their usual workout routine.

Here's a workout I've called...


Here's a little glute workout for you!

12 x Barbell reverse lunges (each side)
12 x Barbell romanian deadlifts
15 x Barbell hip thrusts
20 x Single leg elevated glute bridges
Rest 2 mins
x 4

Enjoy! Feel the burn!!

Don't want to leave the house to go to the gym? No problem! Try my 15 min fat burning workout - no equipment needed!


40 sec sprint on the spot
20 sec rest
40 sec jumping jacks
20 sec rest
40 sec mountain climbers
20 sec rest

X 5

Don't have extra sneaky rests!

This workout needs no equipment and will definitely get your heart rate going! It will burn fat, improve your fitness and tone your muscles at the same time!

There's a few options to how you do the workout depending on your fitness.

Option 1 - for those wanting to get a...

This full body dumbbell workout will help build strength whilst helping to tone and shape your body. 

12 x Romanian deadlifts
12 x press up to renegade row (6 each side) 
12 x lunges (12 one side then 12 the other side)
12 x shoulder press 
12 x goblet squat 
15 x trice...

This full body TRX workout will help build strength whilst helping to tone and shape your body.

> 15 x squat jumps or squats - if you need a lower impact version - both shown in the clip
> 15 x rows
> 10 x pistol squats - each side
> 10 x press ups - 2 versions shown he...

This full body barbell workout will help build strength whilst helping to tone and shape your body.

Workout as follows:

> 10 x BB squats
> 10 x BB shoulder press
> 10 x BB romanian deadlift
> 10 x BB split squats (each side)
> 10 x BB bent over row
> 15 x BB glute bridge...

This is a full body workout great for toning and building strength. If you want to make it into more of a fat burning workout alternate each exercise with the bunny hops to keep your heart rate elevated.

Workout as follows:

> Bunny hops x 20 - 50 (depending on your fitne...

Busy gym, limited equipment or no space? It can be very frustrating, especially if you've dragged yourself there! So I've put together a series of videos to show you how you can still have a good workout with minimal equipment and space.

First up is the Kettlebell Worko...

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