hopper happiness testimonials

Hopper Happiness is much harder than it looks, however you giggle so much that it takes your mind off the fact that you’re using muscles that haven’t been used in a very long time.  I would highly recommend it!
Samantha Davies, Civil Servant

Hopper Happiness is the most fun I've had at a fitness class - although my stomach muscles may disagree!! A brilliant workout with a great trainer!
Jo Hamer, Producer Director

Unbelievably fun, I almost didn't realise I was exercising until afterwards when I realised how sore my abs and bum were!
Ali Cochran, Marketing Executive

Hopper Happiness gave me a thorough workout and it was one of the best laughs in a long time! My abs started feeling the burn whilst I was still in the class so I definitely know I'm on my way to a more toned (happier) me!
Namuli Katumba, Head of Account Management and Service

The space hopper class was lots of fun! It was a nice change to my normal fitness routine. Its great for people of all fitness levels and would make a great team building exercise in the work place!
Carla Walker, HR Coordinator

Finally - a fun way to get fit!  It's actually a much more intensive work out than I thought it would be - but I had a massive grin on my face for the whole class, despite the pain!
Rose Carley, Graphic Designer

Like no exercise class I have ever done before! Hilarious and hard work – my abs and legs were aching for days – a full body workout has never been so much fun! Would definitely recommend.
Jessica Hardy, Marketing Manager

I've done laughter yoga before but I laughed way more doing Hopper Happiness! I had lots of fun which really helps  my motivation to keep fit!
Christine Skipworth, Marketing Assistant