brides to be - testimonials

I first sought Abi's help because I have always wanted to improve my fitness, tone up and get stronger but have never managed to exercise consistently enough to achieve these goals. The fact that I was getting married finally gave me the motivation I needed to take some action. Abi's sessions are challenging but fun and each one is different so I never get bored of training with her.  Not only did she help me feel confident in my dress on my big day, but she has also helped me to feel fitter, stronger and increase my energy levels which is why I have continued my training long after my wedding day. I highly recommend her services!

Abi McIvor, Teacher


When I got engaged I decided to hire Abi - since then I’ve taken a liking to weight training and I now love sprints! Abi’s session are always hard work, fun and most importantly never the same. My body completely changed shape - I lost 3.5cm on the hips, 6.5cm around my waist and 9cm around the naval just by following Abi’s nutrition advice and exercise regime. I’d bought a wedding dress that was slightly too small for me and in the end I had to take it in by 2 inches as my body had changed so much.  I loved the way I felt at my wedding, big BIG BIG thank you Abi! I have just booked more sessions to make sure I keep feeling as amazing as I did on my wedding day.

Tiffany Kirkup, Management consultant



We both wanted to improve our fitness and physiques post Christmas in order to look good for our wedding in April.   Abi definitely knows how to get the best out of people and push them that extra inch. Abi works us hard and we've both (somewhat sadistically) come to enjoy it and we really look forward to the sessions as we never know what will get thrown at us.  In the three months we've been training, we've lost weight, changed shape and are fitter and healthier as a result. We thoroughly recommend training with Abi - her expertise, work ethic and all round enthusiasm will play a huge part in anyone’s journey to becoming fitter.  It’s hard work but she makes it fun and the results are their own reward. 

Stuart Brannan, IT Support & Victoria Allies, Website Editor